How to Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring Size

Finding the perfect fit for your engagement is as individual as your favorite engagement ring style. Every hand is unique as it's owner and it deserves the proper fit. Have a look at some of our ring sizing tips that will help you determine just the right size before he pops the question!

What Factors into a Ring Size:

Environment and Activity: Hands change with increased activity, sleeping, cold and heat, diet, weight loss and gain, and pregnancy. It's all very normal and to be expected, but can make determining just the right ring size a little tricky. Too early in the morning? Your hands can still be swollen from sleeping. Freezing cold outside? Your hands are smaller from reduced blood flow caused by low temperatures.

Finger Shape: Yes, there are many finger shapes, and different finger shapes mean different fits. Tapered fingers are wider at the base of the hand, requiring a snugger fit to keep the ring from sliding forward off the finger. Those of us with larger knuckles will need a looser fit at the base of the hand to get the ring over the knuckle. Sizing beads can easily be added to a ring with a loose fit adding friction to keep the ring upright, and will still allow it to go over a larger knuckle. 

Ring Width: The rule of thumb is the wider the ring band, the larger the size and snugger the fit. Thin bands that are so on trend, tend to fit looser due to the lack of finger gripping surface. If you love a thin band, opt for a smaller center stone for less weight. The thin band has the effect of making the diamond appear larger! A wider band has more surface and creates more friction to hold the diamond upright. The addition of a wedding band will also help keep your delicate engagement ring upright by adding width to the overall wedding suite.

When to Measure: The best time to measure your finger is mid-day to evening, when you are relaxed and your body is at room temperature. Consuming salty foods, or too much alcohol the night before getting your finger sized is never a good idea, because both cause your body to retain water. In the summer, cool down for a few minutes before being sized, and in the winter warm up for a few minutes for a perfect fit. 

How to Size: For the do-it-yourself approach use our printable at-home sizing guide below, click on the image and download from your browser. It has easy to use instructions that allow you to try it with your beloved, or you can go it alone to keep the surprise. You may also contact us for a free plastic ring sizing strip.


Get Sized by a Professional: Visit your local jewelry store, in the mall or in your town you can always go to any store or shop that sells rings to be sized. Most jewelry sales staff are trained to size fingers properly. Just keep in mind the width of the band you desire. Thin bands are not as common in commercial ring sizer tools, and you may need to subtract a little depending on the width of the sizer. Look around a little while your there, and maybe try on a few rings!

You Can Always Try to Guess: Guessing her ring size may seem impossible, but with a little detective work you can pull off the perfect surprise proposal! If they can keep a secret, ask her mom or her best girlfriend. You can always bring a ring of hers to have sized, or even a photograph of her hands will help a professional gauge her ring size. As a safety measure, your ring can always be sized after the proposal. Laura Preshong Ethical Fine Jewelry sizes one time free within 30 days of ring completion and the sizing takes five to seven business days.

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