In-House Viewing

Our in-house diamond appointments are designed to allow our clients the opportunity to view and compare diamonds or gemstones in person before purchasing. Diamond viewings are scheduled by our Boston team during regular business hours usually after your initial consultation. Email us your diamond selection using the serial numbers (you will need our assistance to place a stone on hold) and we will email the viewing deposit to you payable upon receipt.  We allow 2 stones per viewing and 2 rounds of viewings per deposit.

The Selection Process

There are so many sizes, shapes, colors, and types of center stones available, that you may not know where to start! But, using your preferred shape, approximate carat size, and budget we are happy to expertly assist you with your choices, or choose the stones (2 per viewing) yourself from our database. At your appointment, we will cover information about the 4 C's, diamond certificates, and diamond characteristics to help you make the best choice for your dream engagement ring. Use our Natural Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, and Gemstone Search Tools to select stones for your private viewing.

Our Stone Viewing Deposit

We require a non-refundable deposit of 100.00 for stones up to 1.90 carats, and 200.00 for weights over 1.90 carats and up to be collected prior to the viewing appointment. The deposit is fully applied to the purchase of your center stone, diamond, or gemstone, through the showroom. The fee is designed to cover express shipping, time spent sourcing, and insurance for the stones while in our possession.

Your Center Stones Will Arrive Overnight

Diamonds are shipped in overnight and are usually viewed 24 to 48 hours after selection at a prescheduled viewing appointment. Please bring your Photo ID. We do not own the stones in for your viewing and they are part of an active inventory list meaning we can only hold them after the viewing for 2 business days. Stones selected for purchase must be paid in full within 2 business days. 

Number of Center Stones At A Viewing

We are able to bring in two rounds, of two stones per viewing, even though one round is all that our experts usually need! Our team spends hours every day selecting and viewing diamonds for clients locally and nationally, and we are confident we can help you too. 

Unique Stone Sourcing

Stones that are not sourced from our standard supplier (not currently on our website), or individually sourced with special characteristics(colored diamonds, unique sizes or shapes) will require a $100 viewing deposit prior to sourcing. Unique stone sourcing is tricky and there may be a limited number of stones available at any point in time, you may only be able to see one or two stones entirely with no second round of stones available.

Payment for Your Stone

Diamonds and gemstones selected for purchase in the showroom at your viewing must be paid in full within 2 days or preferably at your appointment. 

Diamond Ethics

Our curated GIA, EGL, and AGS-graded diamond collection is 100% ethically sourced from Canada or Botswana, mined by DeBeers, and purchased from one US supplier. Our Canadian Diamonds are accompanied by a CanadaMark Card as a certification of authenticity provided by the Canadian Government. 
All of the lab-grown diamond companies that our merchant works with are audited and chosen based on their best practices, as well as their commitment to minimal environmental impact and how they treat their employees (fair wages, safe working conditions, etc.). As with all large-scale manufacturing(computers, cars, clothing), LG Diamonds are not perfect, but they are mine-free, and have that special something that natural diamonds have at a fraction of the cost. Our Lab-Grown Diamonds are independently graded by the IGI and GCAL.

Natural Diamond Purchasing Advantages

Unique Identifier

For proof positive identification, each Laura Preshong natural diamond is laser inscribed with the GIA, or EGL grading report number. Lab Grown Diamonds are inscribed as Lab Grown with their GCAL, IGI, or GIA grading certification numbers. 

Replacement Insurance

Every Laura Preshong natural diamond comes with 1-year complimentary replacement insurance through GemShield®. The coverage offers immediate, international protection against loss, theft, or accidental damage.

Trade Up Program

We will give you up to 100% Trade In Credit for your previously purchased Laura Preshong Diamond when you trade it up for a higher priced diamond in our active inventory.