Ethical Sourcing and Guarantee

Our Ethics and Guarantee

Dedicated to the Environment

We are dedicated to environmentally sound, low impact manufacturing, which means we use very little large scale manufacturing or chemical processes in our ethically sourced jewelry! Each heirloom quality design from engagement rings to earrings are entirely made in Boston Massachusetts, using no overseas manufacturing or components. We love and respect Mother Nature and are dedicated to preserving our natural resources. Read more about our Craftsmanship and Ethics.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds and Gems

All of our diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced from reputable suppliers and are of conflict free origin. We use a very small group of diamond and gemstone suppliers to maintain quality and a reliable ethical supply we trust. Too many gem suppliers result in too many hands in the sourcing supply chain making it harder to maintain ethical sourcing. Read more about our Diamond and Gemstone sourcing, or about our Ethical Diamond Purchasing Advantages.

Heirloom Quality

Our jewelry is made by hand using engineering, science and old world jewelry techniques that create a quality, and design aesthetic not available in mass produced jewelry. Our process involves skilled jewelry designers using advanced computer aided design software to create the original design. The designs are then individually cast, hand prepared and made ready for stone setting. Our ethical diamonds and gemstones are then set by hand, using age old setting tools and skill, the piece is then expertly hand finished all in Boston. Learn more about Our Designs and how they're made to wear for a lifetime.

100% Free From Threat Metals

All of our gold 14K solid gold and 950 platinum is from recycled and ethically mined pure metal that is both LBMA and LPPM, free from threat, OCED compliant. Recycled metal is as pure and strong as non-recycled material, but is better for the earth and is conflict free without any reduction in quality. Learn more about our precious metals in Craftsmanship and Ethics.


At Laura Preshong we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our ethical fine jewelry. We offer a lifetime replacement policy against manufacturing defects, as well as complimentary annual prong checks and a paid repair service for all accidentally damaged rings. Our Free Lifetime Warranty is for full replacement of an internally defective ring(porosity) known as a 'manufacturing defect'. We are proud to note that manufacturing defects occur in less than 1 in every 1000 rings we make! Modern jewelry making processes and the high quality of materials and craftsmanship of our rings makes this a very unique experience with a Laura Preshong ring. If you do experience a problem with a purchase due to manufacturing or accidental damage contact us so that we may assess the item and needed repair. Contact us for more information.

Our Life-Time Warranty excludes coverage for wear and tear, accidental damage, loss of precious and semi-precious stones(outside of 30-day side stone replacement warranty), neck chain breakage, loss of item and theft. Repair performed by someone other than our team will void this warranty. We recommend you purchase insurance for all of your precious jewelry, it will help recover significant damage, loss, or theft. Graded natural diamonds purchased from Our Ethical Natural Diamond Collection include a Free 1-Year gemstone insurance policy that covers loss, theft or damage worldwide for your diamond or gem center stone. Review the 'Terms of Use' for our website here.