What to do this Saturday? Spend it in Boston's South End.


The weekend’s almost here, and though we’re biased, being at the cross of Tremont and Clarendon, we can’t think of a better place to spend a Saturday than in the South End. The tastes, the sights, the sounds—it’s all here, and options abound.

We’d start with brunch at The Buttery (we recommend making a reservation online ahead of time to avoid waiting in what can seem like a never-ending line), where the city’s best eggs Benedict, biscuits, and mimosas await. When you’re finished, grab a coffee to go from the counter, and stroll over to nearby Michelle Willey to scope the latest unique and tasteful treasures for the home.

From there, it’s time for a bit of R&R, and you can’t go wrong with a facial from Skoah. You’ll be blissed out, sure—which is why we recommend stopping to smell the roses (real and proverbial) inside the Southwest Corridor Park, which links the South End to its neighboring outer parts, Roxbury and Jamaica Plain.

Circle back to reality and tip back on a green drink from our favorite neighborhood juice bar, Jugos, right inside Back Bay station. (Don’t worry; the line moves quickly.) You’ll be glowing, for sure—and what better way to complement a natural glow with a bit of bling? We may be biased, but something sweet and sparkly from our gallery will top off your look quite nicely.

If you’re in need of a new look—or something to wear to dinner—visit our friends at Flock, where you can find trendy pieces and classic staples alike. (Pro tip: grey is in the fall fashion forecast.) If your beau or bestie wants something for him, make a stop at Uniform for something understated and stylish.

All of that walking (and shopping!) has left you no doubt hungry, and maybe a bit thirsty. We can’t say enough good things about The Butcher Shop, the perfect place to stop off for a small snack, like a charcuterie plate and glass of rosé, before heading on to dinner at Metropolis, our home away from home with some of the best French-inspired fare and friendliest service in town.

In the mood for some tunes, and maybe a bit of booty shaking? You’ll find both, plus a killer cocktail list, at The Beehive. If it’s dessert you’re seeking—and when is it ever a bad time for dessert?—we recommend ending your tour with a tiramisu at Cinquecento before calling it a day.

And, truly: what a day it will be.

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