Ten Tips for Keeping Your Engagement Ring and Proposal A Secret

We meet future brides in the gallery everyday, some are adamant about selecting their engagement ring setting while others create Pinterest boards as a breadcrumb trail. Some are still looking for the traditional surprise engagement proposal, while others accompany their future husbands to get their rings. If you're interested in keeping your proposal a surprise... we’ve complied a List of Ten Tips to help you pull off the perfect ethical engagement ring purchase.

  1. Look at her Social Media accounts for jewelry and engagement ring Likes and Pins. Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are where we would start.
  2. Be observant. What kind of jewelry does she wear? Big, chunky jewelry, dainty jewelry or no jewelry at all?
  3. What color metal is her jewelry mostly made from? White, yellow or pink?
  4. What’s her clothing style? Classic, vintage, sporty, contemporary or glamorous?
  5. Go shopping together, say you’re away for a long weekend and are strolling around the village or the city. Stop into some shops and observe her looking at jewelry. Is she looking at large pieces, or sets of dainty stacking rings? It doesn’t need to be a jewelry store, which could give away the secret, just any shop that is selling jewelry.
  6. Listen and watch when you’re friends become engaged. Try to remember the rings she makes the most comments about. When you’re presented with the many setting options on line or in a store, your memory will serve you.
  7. Know the key style terms. Solitaire, halo, three stone, side stones and prong and bezel set. Knowing those terms will help with your sleuthing.
  8. Ask her best friend or family member, if you can trust them to keep a secret. Many girls shop for fun with their girlfriends and may have even shopped for engagement rings.
  9. Note the size of the diamonds her friends are receiving and wearing in their engagement rings. You can make an appreciative comment like “What is that 2 carats?” and if your budget allows, follow suit.
  10. Does she care about the environment and humanitarian causes? Be sure to shop our collection of Ethical Engagement Rings and Ethical Diamonds.

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