Rhodium White Gold or Palladium White Gold?

White gold, a definitive Webster's oxymoron; white - gold, hard - malleable, and growing in popularity as an alternative to platinum since World War II. It is light in weight, lower in cost than platinum, steel like in color and strength, and it will never tarnish.

Simply explained, white gold is yellow gold alloyed with white metals, often nickel or palladium, which comes from the platinum family, super hard and light of color. Palladium white gold is often used for its grey, closer to platinum color and the less likelihood of sensitive skin reacting adversely to nickel alloys.

Rhodium plated white gold is a layer of a precious, super hard, diamond white metal over white gold alloy. Rhodium white is the preferred look for many, with its sparkling high shine, resistance to scratching and the pop, that little something extra playing with the light of a diamond. If a softer finish is what you seek, 14k rhodium white gold can be softened(made matte finish) with a light brushing and 14k palladium white can be polished to a 'mirror' platinum white color and lightly brushed for a satin matte finish.

We offer rhodium plated white gold as our standard order and palladium white gold as a customization.

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