How to Clean A Girl's Best Friend. Her Diamond!



Diamonds are definitely a girls best friend, but not if they're dull and dirty! There are as many ways to clean a diamond as there are cuts of a diamond. Keeping in mind diamonds are not fragile, just more like babies: use a little common sense, don't clean your jewelry over an open sink drain and everything will turn out fine. It's tough to damage a diamond with a little cleaning, and the results will keep your diamond at it's most brilliant! 

The Complete Overhaul :

Your favorite jeweler is the place to take your diamond jewelry for cleaning and service if your not a do-it-yourself personality, or it's time for a jewelry tune up. A loose stone, wearing in the rhodium plating, or seriously blackened silver those are jobs for a professional. Jewelry professionals charge money for their services and expertise, so cleaning and repairs won't be free but should still be reasonable. Ask for a price up front and see how it feels. All fine jewelry purchased from Laura Preshong Ethical Fine Jewelry is always cleaned free of charge.

The Mr. Clean :

One tried and true method used for generations and loved by ladies in the 50's is ammonia. You'll need ammonia, warm water and a soft bristle brush. Be sure to use plain ammonia, not ammonia soap, and not bleach. Bleach will patina many metals very deeply black (yes the black can may removed by the above mentioned jewelry professional) and any type of soap will leave a residue. In a small dish of nice, warm water add a cap full of straight ammonia and let your diamond piece soak for a couple of minutes. Remove from the water and using the soft brush, brush around  the diamond to loosen any remaining grime. Rinse the entire piece well under clear water and pat dry. The cost of this method is about 2 dollars for the ammonia, and the time involved looking around for an old toothbrush.

The Organic :

The simplest ways to get fire out of your diamond is to use the libation of The Garden Party, vodka. Using room temperature or slightly warmed vodka or gin, submerse the entire diamond piece. The alcohol will not harm any precious metal, ie; platinum, white gold, rhodium, yellow gold, sterling silver. Soak it for a few minutes, and using a soft toothbrush give it the once over to remove any loosened grime. Rinse well in clear water and pat dry. If you are of drinking age and inclination, add ice and soda (after you remove the jewelry) and enjoy. The cost of the organic method is the price of a nip, around 4.00 at your independent wine and spirits purveyor.

The Ultra Sonic :

The Ultra Sonic is a mechanical operation in which a vibrating tool oscillating at ultrasonic frequencies is used to remove grime from the jewelry piece, A small ultrasonic machine can be purchased for around 50.00 dollars. We don't recommend ultrasonic cleaning for pave set diamonds as it may vibrate stones loose from the setting.

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