Ethical Engagement Rings...What is an Ethical Engagement Ring?

An  ethical engagement ring should encompass more than just a conflict free diamond, it should also include recycled metal, ethical diamonds in the setting and low impact manufacturing processes.

Recycled precious metal refers to the reclaiming and refining of gold, platinum and sterling silver previously used in jewelry. The refining process returns the precious metal to it’s original pure form with no loss of quality or strength. Recycling precious metals reduces the strain on the environment caused by mining, and recycling is always good! All of our recycled precious metals are 100% SCS Certified.

Canadian diamonds are currently the only ‘consumer trackable’ diamonds available today. Graded Canadian diamonds are inscribed with a Maple leaf on the diamond’s girdle or are accompanied with a  CanadaMark certificate of authenticity. We go one step further than offering ethical diamonds as center stones, by using Canadian diamond melee (small diamonds) in all of our ethical engagement ring settings, ethical wedding rings and ethical fine jewelry. All of our diamonds and gemstones, small and large, are Ethically Sourced or Fair Trade.

Low impact manufacturing processes refer to US only sourced materials, small batch manufacturing in our Boston  studio, recycled paper and packaging materials and LED low voltage lighting in our gallery and studio. We make every effort to preserve and protect you and Mother Nature. 

Get started on your  Ethical Engagement Ring today!

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