Diamond Cuts: Which Is Right For Her Hand?



There are many things to consider when purchasing a diamond and setting for your future fiancé. The Four C’s are the basics for selecting a diamond that is the most it can be within your budget. The Laura Preshong Diamond Experts are available to assist you further in understanding diamond basics, as well scheduling a diamond viewing and selecting the right shape and diamond for your future bride.

One of the least thought about and potentially the most important aspect of purchasing a diamond and engagement ring, is the hand shape of the wearer and their lifestyle. This post will help you understand the diamond shapes and the hands they look best on.


Round Brilliant Cut is the classic of all diamond shapes and is the most popular. The round cut will never go out of style, is the most brilliant cut and looks great on all hand shapes. The big decision then becomes carat weight proportional to the wearers hand. A 3 carat diamond on a slender finger will look disproportionate, however the same stone would look perfectly at home on a thicker finger. A short slender hand should shop for a center stone that is one to one and a half carats, a long slender finger one to two carats and a thicker finger should stay above one carat.

Princess Cut Diamonds are modern, and elegant and the same fitting guidelines apply as with the round brilliant cut. Proportion is the paramount to being happy and comfortable over the many years your beloved will wear this ring. One and one half carats is the perfect size for all hand types, remember if your hand has thicker fingers anything less than one carat will look small, if you prefer a smaller center stone, try a setting with a halo, or side stones.

Marquise Cut Diamonds are best on long slender fingers, the long thin shape of the marquise is diminished on thicker fingers and will overwhelm a shorter finger. A marquise cut has a vintage flair, and a unique style, but is not recommended for an active wearer.

Oval Cut Diamonds are lovely and work well with all hand shapes too. The same guidelines apply to oval shapes as to Round Brilliant Cut and the Princess Cut. It all comes down to overall hand and finger shape. A 3ct. oval cut maybe hard to say no to, but if the hand you are adorning is petite, a large oval will cover too much of the hand and look to mature. An oval is a great choice for smaller carat weights as an oval has 10% more visual surface than a round of the same carat weight.

Pear Cut Diamonds are a combination of the oval cut and the marquise cut, and looks stunning on all hand shapes. Keep the idea of proportion, wear-ability and comfort in mind and you’re sure to choose the perfect carat size and shape for your future bride.

Emerald Cut Diamonds are modern and elegant, and work well with all hand shapes. The elongated rectangle lengthens a thicker finger, and adds grace and elegance to a long sender finger. Keep in mind the above mentioned stone proportions and the overall shape of the emerald cut diamond. The emerald cut is a classic stone that will look great as a solitaire or with side stones.

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