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    2014 Engagement Ring Trends

    A new year brings with it new trends and new engagement rings. Here are our favorites for 2014 and they're all available in our Wedding Collection.

    Solitaire Rings

    Solitaire Settings are making a comeback in a big way and have been spotted on the hands of celebrities recently. Lauren Conrad shared the happy news of her engagement with a photo of her Tiffany Solitaire Ring set with a round brilliant diamond. Even under the weight of a 15 carat stone, Kanye West selected a Solitaire setting for the ring he presented to Kim Kardashian late in 2013. The solitaire is simple and elegant, allowing your center stone to take the spotlight.

    Yellow Gold


    Yellow Gold is back! With many brides favoring classic styles, both yellow and rose gold seem to have a cult following. Look for this trend to stick around: as the jewelry market continues to trend towards yellow gold, women will look to complement the trend in their engagement rings.

    Sapphire Stones



    With some help from a certain royal (ahem, Kate Middleton), Sapphires still have a firm grip on the engagement market.  Not only are they typically less expensive than the traditional diamond, they are also a stunning choice for brides who want an alternative center stone.

    East- West Settings



    The East-West setting trend makes any center stone look larger and works with oval stones, emerald cuts etc. It’s also eye catching and sure to have people stopping to look.

    Unique Colored Center Stones

    For the bride who wants to stray from tradition, uniquely colored center stones are the way to go. Right in line with the Sapphire trend, the engagement market is seeing a higher demand for different colored center stones and tinted diamonds such as Laura’s Rose Diamond Solitaire Ring below.



    What's Your Wedding Venue Style?

    Another fun infographic from I love infographics!




    Are You Ready to Propose?

    Think your ready to propose? Here is a fun little checklist to make sure your on the right track. Courtesy of

    History of February's Birthstone

    It's fun to discover the historical powers once attributed to a gemstone. February's birthstone is the Amethysts and its name was derived from the ancient Greek word “amethustos”, which literally translated to “not drunk”. Inebriation was thought to be circumvented by using goblets made of amethyst or some other material in the color purple. While we don't recommend using this method currently we certainly see no harm in wearing a few beautiful pieces to see what current day benefits may ensue. Laura Preshong's Amethyst Briolette Necklace

    Wedding Checklist For Our 2014 Brides

    Thank You

    Pearls Head to Toe in Fashion

    Pearls, pearls, pearls....not just for your jewelry anymore! Laura Preshong Tahitian Chocolate Pearl necklace. Alexander McQueen pearl-trimmed cigarette trousers & jacket. Nicholas Kirkwood pearl trimmed black pumps.

    Radiant Orchid is the New Emerald Green

    Move over Emerald, Pantone has unveiled their "IT" color for 2014 as a pinky purple known as "Radiant Orchid." In the gem world Tourmaline represents this color perfectly! Laura Preshong's Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace

    Jewelry Hallmarks Defined...

    Ever wondered what the numbers and letters on your jewelry meant?

    Jewelry Hallmarking 101


    Forget about Diamonds on the Soles of your Shoes!!

    In celebration of Antwerp's fashion and diamond industries, Belgian designer lable, A.F. Vandevorst recently unveiled a pair of boots featuring 38,883 individual diamonds set in gold and valued at 3.19 million. Jealous much?

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