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    Laura in the Studio


    Layering: the new old trend.

    In this week's Boston Globe Life Style Section. "Jewelry designers go for the layered look" Is that Jenni?


    And from our blog February 2012..






    New Vintage Ring Styles: Modern and Classic



    The Commemorative Gift...Personalized Charms

    A commemorative gift is a gift you receive for a monumental service or feat, like having a baby or retirement. The personalized charm is one way to customize your gift, and say you're special. New in the gallery are these heirloom quality hand made charms and initials. Order yours today in gold or silver.


    What Makes The Most Beautiful Halo Ring? Platinum.

    Congratulations to Robert and Lindsey! The ring she chose, and we hand built especially for her, was a platinum four prong round halo ring, set with a spectacular 1.04 G SI center stone. Love it!

    Laura and Jenny,

    Thank you so much. You made a miracle happen. Lindsey absolutely loves the ring. It is perfect. 


                    click the image above to see the ring details



    Sweet Sweet Love, Mike and Natalie.

    Another Happily Engaged Boston Couple! I love bridal everyone is so happy.


    Hand Built Custom 14K Royal Yellow Gold Round Halo Ring with a 1.62 ct G SI1 center stone.

    Sweet Sweet Love.




    Caring For Your Ring: A Beginner's Guide 




    So you are newly engaged. It is a time of celebrations and joy, until you realize your new responsibility of taking care of your partner. Your fiancé? No, we are actually referring to that stunning ring resting on your left hand. We all go into marriage preparing to care for our future husbands or wives, but how many brides-to-be know how to care for their diamonds?  Many sites recommend a combination of steps to protect your beloved ring, so read on to find out how to keep it in the best of conditions. 



    Accidents happen so the first step in ring care is insurance. recommends either adding the ring to your homeowners insurance or taking out a separate policy, just to be safe. Click here to find out more about the process. 




    Much like you would go to the dentist or doctor every 6 months, your ring also needs a regular checkup to ensure everything is secure. Read more about the pros of this step here



    General everyday precautions are also recommended. Taking you ring off (and storing it somewhere safe) while gardening, cleaning or swimming can help to prevent a frantic search for it later on, or common wear and tear, like scratches or loose prongs. Educate yourself about this step here



    Spring Jewelry Trends for 2014

    The trends for Spring are officially underway! The runways this year were filled with black and gold statement pieces, winter whites, touches of pearls and dramatic collar pieces. Click here to see all the fierce images from the shows, courtesy of The Gem Standard. 


    Here are a few ways to incorporate the newest trends into your wardrobe, or just to get some inspiration! 


    The Tahitian Chocolate Necklace from Laura Preshong is a unique twist on a traditional strand of pearls.



    Buffalo Skull Pendant from Rachel Atherley makes a bold statment with any outfit. 


    This multi colored cuff from Midori Ferris-Wayne is a fun way to mix metals and draw attention to your wrist. 


    April Birthstone: Diamonds 

    April: the month of blooming flowers, greening grass, sunshine and diamonds! The birthstone for this springtime month, is none other than a girl's best friend, the diamond.

    April babies enjoy a rich history behind their birthstone, which is thought to increase balance, clarity and inner strength. One of the most durable substances on the planet, diamonds were considered in ancient times, to have been formed with lightening bolts or to be tears of the gods. There were widespread rumors that heating the stone and taking it to bed would cure ailments stemming from the brain and crippling the body.

    The stone comes in a wide range of different colors and shades, making it a wonderfully unique gift to give anyone born in this month. Why not gift a pink diamond ring? A pair of yellow diamond earrings? Or a set of white diamond studs. Whatever your loved one's style, there is a diamond to fit it! Shown is the infamous Hope Diamond.




    Need Help Proposing? Your Smartphone Has Your Back!

    We all know men could use a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to planning something like an engagement surprise! Never fear- there’s an app for that! In fact, there are several.  Below is our list for the best rated gizmos to help you pop the question!


    Your Proposal Pal

    This smartphone app promises to help you propose in the perfect way. It asks men questions about what kind of person their bride-to-be is and what kind of proposal they envision, and then uses the answers to generate unique proposal plans, with step-by-step instructions on how to execute each. Plus it’s been tested on thousands of women, so you know the ideas are female-approved.


    Proposal Pro by Helzberg Diamonds and Rosetta Stone

    This app helps reduce a man’s stress about popping the question with lots of helpful tips about how to choose the perfect ring, how to ask her parents, even how to write the perfect proposal speech. The whole thing is even set on a timeline of the users choosing- Perfect for the man who loses track of deadlines!



    This app is perfect for the brainstorming stages, when you want to make lists, save voice reminders or keep web pages organized. This app will keep track of all the little ideas you have in the beginning and then best part- it automatically syncs to your other devices.


    101 Marriage Proposal Ideas

    Less specific than Proposal Pal, this app offers 101 inspirational ideas for proposing, along with step-by-step instructions and additional tips to help men along. Whether or not they use the ideas or just read through to get inspired, this is one app that doesn’t hurt to download!